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Based in Taiwan, Wen's Phoenix Corp., since 1988, is a outdoor furniture and cross cable tent world-class supplier. Major product, including festival structure tents, food court porch tents, service counter cross tents and hard panel tents, folding chair, sofa, table and so forth.

Unique module technology cross cable tents manufacturing. Sturdiest, firmest and most tents buit with double layer PVC fabric and aluminum alloy. Folding chair passed 250lbs impact test, 500lbs static test as well as PP impact test. It was known as “Obama Chair” in the market. Wen's Phoenix has worked together with many famous retailers, such as WAL-MART, Costco, IKEA, TARGET, DEBNHAMS, WAKE FERM, PERGAMENT, SPIEGEL, MERVYNS, JCPENNY, KARE and Bed Bath & Beyond for several projects.

Main Wen's Phoenix has been offering customers sturdiest, firmest and most durable cross cable tent, chair, sofa and table, both with advanced technology and 33 years of experience, Wen's Phoenix ensures each customer's demands are met.

Beaufort Scale

(Standard height of 10 meters above the ground)

Beaufort ForceWind DescriptionThe average wind speed at the height of 10 meters above the groundWind Effect Description
windm/skm/hrTerrestrial situation
0calm0 - 0.2<1Smoke rises vertically.
1light air0.3 - 1.51 - 5Smoke drift indicates wind direction, still wind vanes.
2light breeze1.6 - 3.36 - 11Wind felt on face, leaves rustle, vanes begin to move.
3gentle breeze3.4 - 5.412 - 19Leaves and small twigs constantly moving, light flags extended.
4moderate breeze5.5 - 7.920 - 28Dust and loose paper lifted, small tree branches move.
5fresh breeze8.0 - 10.729 - 38Small trees in leaf begin to sway.
6strong breeze10.8 - 13.839 - 49Large tree branches moving, whistling in wires. Umbrella use becomes difficult.
7near gale13.9 - 17.150 - 61Whole trees in motion, resistance felt when walking against the wind.
8gale17.2 - 20.762 - 74Twigs broken from trees. Progress generally impedes.
9strong gale20.8 - 24.475 - 88Slight structural damage occurs. Chimney post removed.
10storm24.5 - 28.489 - 102Trees uprooted. Considerable structural damage.
11violent storm28.5 - 32.6103 - 117Extremely rare. Widespread damage.
12hurricane32.7 - 36.9118 - 133
13hurricane37.0 - 41.4134 - 149
14hurricane41.5 - 46.1150 - 166
15hurricane46.2 - 50.9167 - 183
16hurricane51.0 - 56.0184 - 201
17hurricane56.1 - 61.2202 - 220

Source reference: ROC Central Weather Bureau