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Cross Cable Tents - Sail Shade,Cross Cable Tents,Outdoor Tents | Made in Taiwan Outdoor Furniture and Event Tents Manufacturer | Wen's Phoenix Corp.

Wen's Phoenix Corp., based in Taiwan since 1988, is a leading manufacturer of outdoor furniture and event tents. Major products include Cross Cable Tents, event tents, semi-permanent structures tents, sail shades, outdoor furniture, and children's furniture. The Cross Cable Tent is designed and manufactured using a unique modular technology. Engineered aluminum frame with double layer PVC tent top provide a sturdy structure. Tent products are extensively used with Glass Wall Tents and Structure Tents to make the entire structure robust.

Folding Chairs passed 275lbs, 6" drop test, and 2200lbs dynamic compression tests as well as multi-impact tests were performed on PP plastic. It was known as the "Obama Chair" in the market. Wen's Phoenix has worked on several projects for famous retailers including Walmart, Costco, IKEA, TARGET, DEBENHAMS, WAKE FERM, PERGAMENT, SPIEGEL, MERVYNS, JCPenney, KARE, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Wen's Phoenix has been offering customers sturdy, durable and elegant event tents, chairs, sofas, and tables for over 34 years. Wen's Phoenix ensures each customer's demands are met.

Cross Cable Tents

Sail Shade,Cross Cable Tents,Outdoor Tents

Cross Cable Tent
Cross Cable Tent

Wen's Phoenix Cross Cable Tents are designed for quick and easy setup, featuring a smart modular technology and a high peak center pole supported by cross cables for a robust structure. These tents are ideal for rental businesses, offering a durable, corrosion-free aluminum frame and a flame-retardant PVC-coated fabric top treated with PVDF dirt resistance for easy self-cleaning. With a modular design for effortless installation, transportation, and storage, the cross cable tents are perfect for a variety of outdoor events and activities, offering a beautiful and functional solution for your next gathering.

.Size Range.

Item number1010K1020K1313K1515K1717K2020K2040K
Entrance Height(m)2.4m2.8m
Peak High(m)3.764.494.、5.25.03
Tent Top Color

  white  red   Light blue  black  brown green blue pink

* Entrance height can be readjusted based on site status
* Optional accessories available
* Custom size available

  • Aluminum Cross Cable Tent - Cross Cable Tent
    Aluminum Cross Cable Tent
    Sail Shade,European Tents,Outdoor Tents

    The tent's robust construction ensures it can withstand strong winds without compromise. Utilizing a specially engineered aluminum frame with Keder technology guarantees top-notch quality, durability, and immunity to corrosion. Its modular design facilitates effortless assembly, transport, and storage, making it highly convenient. Crafted from premium Serge Ferrari PVC-coated fabric, the tent cover adheres to NFPA-701 Flame Retardant standards, ensuring safety. Additionally, the tent's surface is treated with PVDF for dirt resistance, allowing for easy self-cleaning maintenance. An inner PE fabric layer provides water and UV resistance, shielding guests from rain and harsh sunlight. Its sleek, wrinkle-free design adds a touch of elegance suitable for various events, including weddings, parties, and outdoor gatherings.

  • Optional Accessories - Optional Accessories
    Optional Accessories

    Various optional accessories are available for our cross cable tents to make your events even more exquisite.

  • Tent Accessories
    Tent Accessories
    Accessories Only For The Cross Cable Tent

    Accessories Only For The Cross Cable Tent

  • Other tents - Glass Wall Tents
    Other tents

    Wen's Phoenix Tents are durable, easy to set up, and ideal for a variety of outdoor events. We are committed to continuously improving and developing high-quality tent products.New products coming soon