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(10M 15M 20M 25M) Structure Tents - Sail Shade,European Tents,Outdoor Tents,Square Tent | Over 34 Years Outdoor Furniture and Event Tents Manufacturer | Wen's Phoenix Corp.

Wen's Phoenix Corp., based in Taiwan since 1988, is a leading manufacturer of outdoor furniture and event tents. Major products include (10M 15M 20M 25M) Structure Tents, event tents, semi-permanent structures tents, sail shades, outdoor furniture, and children's furniture. The Cross Cable Tent is designed and manufactured using a unique modular technology. Engineered aluminum frame with double layer PVC tent top provide a sturdy structure. Tent products are extensively used with Glass Wall Tents and Structure Tents to make the entire structure robust.

Folding Chairs passed 275lbs, 6" drop test, and 2200lbs dynamic compression tests as well as multi-impact tests were performed on PP plastic. It was known as the "Obama Chair" in the market. Wen's Phoenix has worked on several projects for famous retailers including Walmart, Costco, IKEA, TARGET, DEBENHAMS, WAKE FERM, PERGAMENT, SPIEGEL, MERVYNS, JCPenney, KARE, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Wen's Phoenix has been offering customers sturdy, durable and elegant event tents, chairs, sofas, and tables for over 34 years. Wen's Phoenix ensures each customer's demands are met.

(10M 15M 20M 25M) Structure Tents


Structure Tents series provide both temporary or semi-permanent installation for large venues. The lightweight aluminum structure with modular technology makes transportation easy. High-frequency welding technology and tear-resistant membrane make the structure robust and able to withstand high wind loads. Quick installation that usually takes about 3 or 4 days.

Sail Shade,European Tents,Outdoor Tents,Square Tent

  • Wen's Phoenixx Structure Tent Series are constructed from high-strength 6063 T5 aluminum alloy profiles with a premium PVC-coated tent top.
  • The structure is resistant to high winds in the outdoors.
  • It provides a safe environment for the guests.
  • Modular technology gives efficient and convenient for installation and dismantlement. 
  • It can be installed, dismantled, and relocated many times.


Structure Tents Size
Span width10M
Single area50m275m2100m2125m2
Eave height(C)4m4m4m4m
Top height(D)6.2m6.5m7m8m
Available in
Lengths from
Semi-circular roofSemi-circular roofSemi-circular roofSemi-circular roof
Main profile129X70mm129X70mm220X100mm220X100mm
tarpaulinWhite PVCWhite PVCWhite PVCWhite PVC
  • Sidewall
  • Custom made
  • Light
  • Floor
  • Stage
  • Glass wall


The Structure Tents series is the perfect solution for any outdoor event. Its elegant white tent top design is suitable for a wide range of events and venues, making it a versatile option for your event needs.

The structures are robust and can withstand wind loads, ensuring stability and providing peace of mind during your event. Additionally, the quick install and easy transport make setting up and tearing down a breeze.

The tent top is made of premium PVC coated fabric and meets the NFPA-701 standard for fire retardancy, providing a safe environment for your guests. The tent top is also treated with PVDF dirt resistance, making it easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that it will look great for each event.

Feature DescriptionRoof typeRoof cloth materialRoof cloth weightFoot structureSkeleton materialOverall tent structurePermanent structures useful life
Cross cable tentThe arc is high and steep
Good drainage
Anti-UV and anti-fouling treatmentHeavier PVC top synthetic clothMoon-shaped tube can be flexible to add side curtainAre all aluminumUsing the principle of mechanical balanceLonger
(More than 8 years)
General tentsLower peaks
Arc smoother
Only blocking direct light (will translucent)General PVCAll round tube, poor availabilityIron products, galvanized pipeOnly skeleton support, low resistance to windShorter
(About 3-6 months)s


  • Outdoor Wedding
  • Farming Resort
  • Temporary Classrooms
  • Activity / Event
  • Restaurant / B&B / Hotel
  • Carnival
  • Prefabricated House
  • Conference / Dining
  • Outdoor Café
  • Ceremony
  • Tradeshow / Events
  • Live Show Theatre
  • Campaign Headquarter
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