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Air Pillow Grid Tent - | Over 34 Years Outdoor Furniture and Event Tents Manufacturer | Wen's Phoenix Corp.

Wen's Phoenix Corp., based in Taiwan since 1988, is a leading manufacturer of outdoor furniture and event tents. Major products include Air Pillow Grid Tent, event tents, semi-permanent structures tents, sail shades, outdoor furniture, and children's furniture. The Cross Cable Tent is designed and manufactured using a unique modular technology. Engineered aluminum frame with double layer PVC tent top provide a sturdy structure. Tent products are extensively used with Glass Wall Tents and Structure Tents to make the entire structure robust.

Folding Chairs passed 275lbs, 6" drop test, and 2200lbs dynamic compression tests as well as multi-impact tests were performed on PP plastic. It was known as the "Obama Chair" in the market. Wen's Phoenix has worked on several projects for famous retailers including Walmart, Costco, IKEA, TARGET, DEBENHAMS, WAKE FERM, PERGAMENT, SPIEGEL, MERVYNS, JCPenney, KARE, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Wen's Phoenix has been offering customers sturdy, durable and elegant event tents, chairs, sofas, and tables for over 34 years. Wen's Phoenix ensures each customer's demands are met.

Air Pillow Grid Tent


The Grid Tent features a distinctive engineered structure with Air Pillow tent top that provides effective thermal insulation and generates a fresh look for your event.
This innovative modular system connects each profile to the hub mounts securing the structure against wind load.


  • Size: 15MX15M (30X30M flexible, 15M per unit)
  • Height: 8.1M (front) / 4.9M (rear)
  • Top Tent frame: 5.2tons
  • Main Stand 1.3tons/each
  • Top Tent : 10.5tons


  • Steel Profile and supporter - Steel with coating
  • Top Triangle frame - Aluminum
  • Hub Mount – Steel with coating
  • Tent Fabric – premium SERGE FERRARI coated with PVC


Air Pillow Grid Tents are proudly 100% designed and manufactured in Taiwan. This tent features a sturdy aluminum structure that can withstand wind loads, ensuring stability for your event. The advanced modular technology allows for quick and easy transportation and storage.

The stylish half moon tent top with double-layer PVC air pillows offers an exquisite solution, making it the perfect choice for a range of events. The span is extendable to accommodate a variety of venues and applications, and the tent works perfectly with a grandstand for large events. The selected premium Serge Ferrari PVC coated fabric meets the NFPA-701 flame retardant standard, providing peace of mind for you and your guests.

Whether you're planning an indoor or outdoor event, the Air Pillow Grid Tent offers alternative application options, with both fixed and portable options available to suit your needs. Get ready to elevate your event with this top-of-the-line Air Pillow Grid Tent.


  • Outdoor stage canopy
  • Show hall
  • Concert
  • Ceremony
  • Conference
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