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Wen's Phoenix Corp. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Any Outdoor Shade Industry, Tent Sale, Tent Rental, Furniture.. Wen's Phoenix has been offering our customers high quality Outdoor Tent, Cross Cable Tent, Pinnacle Party Tent, Hexagon Tent, Gazebo, High Peak Tent, Glass Party Tent, Glass Wall Tent, Pavilion, Sail Shade, Event Tent, Canopy, Outdoor Furniture, Folding Chairs, Wedding Chairs, Folding Tables, Children Furniture, Honeycomb Hotel, Corridor Tent, Tent Flooring System, Cassette Flooring, Adjustable Plastic Pedestals, Steel Raised Floor Pedestals, Tent Partitions.Tent side wall, Peak pole tent, Circus tent, Transparent tent, Clear span tent since 1988. With both advanced technology and 33 years experience, Wen's Phoenix always make sure to meet each customer's demand.


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07Jan 2021
LANDROVER - DEFENDER launch event - Structure Tent
Structure Tent

The new model launch event hold on outdoor, a muddy ground which full of wild and nature spirits. The structure tent can set up on various kind of site to fit the eviroment. Although the site is tough, Wen's Phoenix still finish it and build a great performance.

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18Nov 2020
Tea Expo - Structure Tent
Structure Tent

The tea expo hold on the field and set up a structure tent to have an agricultural products market in it. The small market booth with clear side wall makes the mood nice and cozy. Enjoy the suburban with gratifying equipment.

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20Nov 2020
Highway rest stop - Cross Cabel Tent with Glass Wall
Cross cable tent with glass wall

The highway rest stop set up the glass wall tent as the temporarily convenience store during the building refurbishment. It's easy to use the space inside the tent, the shelf can arrange appropriately, After the refurbishment, the tent can be withdrawed and the place can be just the same as before with no destroy!

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10Oct 2020
National day - Grid Tent
Grid Tent

Here we are at Taiwan Presidential Palace again! Wen's Phoenixx has set up the tents for Taiwan Nnational Day annually from 2018. There is no exception for this year. We set up the lasted grid tent with ETFE tarpaulin. The strong structure with imposing manner make the ceremony more magnificent.

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03Mar 2020
Quarantine station - Corridor Tent
Corridor Tent

The simple design makes it easy to store, move and set up. No need to worriy about collapse because it's very stable to fight aganist the wind. It can set up outside the hospitals, schools and any public place. Recommend to use this Corridor Tent for medical operations during the pandemic. A strong and safe tent bring people a strong and safe future.

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