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Our company was established in 1988. With 4 decades experience, Wen's Phoenix has been recognized as a leading manufacturer of high quality, durable folding chair, stackable event chairs and outdoor furniture.We have worked together with many famous retailers, such as WAL-MART, Costco, IKEA, TARGET, DEBNHAMS, WAKE FERM, PERGAMENT, SPIEGEL, MERVYNS, JCPENNY, KARE and Bed Bath & Beyond for several projects.

Bus shelter&Highway service area

Regardless of Lantern Festival, Flora Exposition, “Cross Tent” can protect from sun and from rain, and it is the most ideal choice for you.

Ticket booth&Auctions

The strong and durable “Cross-Tent” can be a ticket booth. Let your activity go smoothly.


POOLSIDE, HOTELS, HOME HOUSE, LARGE LAWN…, and so on. As long as you would like to hold the Wedding, you all can leave romantic memory.

Touristic sites

“Beautiful Outdoors Spots” go well with “Wen’s Phoenix” ‘s tents.


The Customized Tent Homestay: People can live comfortably and cleanly.

Swimming pool

“The superb view is from the shadow of the tents by the lake” If the beautiful view could reveal in the Wedding& Club, it will catch all audience’s eye.


Regardless of day or night, the scenery in the wharf of Flora Exposition is charming. People wait for the coming of boats under the “ Cross Tent”is with happiness.

Shopping mall

With its beautiful and elegant appearance, “Cross Tent” defeats others in same size.

Sports meeting

The wonderful event lets “Cross Tent” become the best contrast of the player from the match.


From Kenting to Taipei, the elegant and pure cross tent is the best partner for events & parties.


When the indoor space is not enough for eating, you can make use of outdoor area to build up the dining corner. We can not only increase seats but also let customers enjoy the excellent view.

Corner tea shop

Have you ever dreamt of owning a store? Regardless of Drinks, Coffee, Light Meal, Jewelry, Clothes, and even Toy Shop, as long as you possess a small piece of land, your dream will come true soon.


1. The Bee hive rooms could be combined in 3, in 5, in 8 , in11, in14, and in18 units. And it’s height can up to two floors. 2. Supported by aluminum frames, it is durable and antirust. 3. The sheet that we adopt is derived from green material building, and its texture is the high-grade decoration’s veneer which clad the plywood. It possesses the traits of scratch-proof and impact-proof. 4. The Inner space includes a bookshelf and a small closet. 5. The special heightened base can isolate sunshine and prevent moisture 6. It is easy to Assemble, and easy to take off. 7. It can combine with the cross tent outdoors. in the out of Grain Nestle . 8. It differs from the general ventilated camping tent. Inside Grain Nestle is warmer and high-concealed. 9. Outside the Grain Nestle is hexagon and named it “beehive.” It deserves the name for “Beehive Hotel.” 10. Can ODM and mix local customs from every country; ex: “Red and White color” matches the style of “Middle-East Bahrain.”

Double Deck

Diameter: 5M*10M Total area:100㎡ Height: 9M Advantages: 1. It can extend limitless in length and the space is changeable. It is known as "the transformer of villa world." 2. It only needs short time to Install, and save labor and raw material costs. 3. The scrapped material is up to 60% of recycling, and our products present the concept of green design. 4. The Germany professional team designs originally the double floors with high space. And people can enjoy the excellent view immediately. 5. All sides are tempered glass in 6mm and the structure of “Avant Garde System”. To maintain the flatness of the apperance, and inside “HP” is plenty of light. 6. It owns excellent wind-resistant structure and safety indoor space. Applications: Exhibition Area, VIP lounge, Command Center, Office, Racetrack Stand and so on.

Product Launch

Frames are made out of aluminum alloy, which is durable and good-looking. It changes the new vision towards the traditional tents and is at the forefront of the tent industry.

Sail Shade

The sand trap is the favorite of the children. With Wen’s phoenix’s “Sail Shade”, the parents are not afraid of Kids’ burn, and let them have lots of fun.

Lantern festival

Using “Wen’s Phoenix’s Cross Tent” in large lantern festival is apparently seen, and upgrading its quality. Our cross tent is second to none.


Using “ Cross Tent” in the World Game lets “Wen’s Phoenix” stand on the international focus.


■ fast assembly ■ Detachable ■ Temporary building ■ environmental protection material ■ movable ■ Combined glass wall ■ Galvanized steel column anti-corrosion ■ Elevated Floor ■ Manufactured based on terrain height ■ No need for land levelling Five Main Structures A‧ Elevated Floor B‧ wedged Floor C‧ Glass Wall D‧ Inner isolated E‧ Phoenix Tent

Agriculture Exposition

Regardless indoor or outdoor, we can assist the “Agriculture Field” to present the best appearance.

Camping Zone

During the weekend, people go to the greenery camping ground, and enjoy the embrace of Nature under the Cross-Tent.

Structure Tent

Large temporary tent could be as a Warehouse, Event, and Shade. Our Tents differ from others. They are quite beautiful.

Glass Wall Tents

Tempered glass curtain temporary tents can be used for private hotels, education training classrooms, Lantern Festival command center, warehouses, election headquarters and other purposes.


Wen's Phoenix Introduction

WEN'S PHOENIX CORPORATION is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Any Outdoor Shade Industry. Wen's Phoenix has been offering our customers high quality Outdoor Tent, Cross Cable Tent, Pinnacle Party Tent, Hexagon Tent, Gazebo, High Peak Tent, Glass Party Tent, Glass Wall Tent, Pavilion, Sail Shade, Event Tent, Canopy, Outdoor Furniture, Folding Chairs, Wedding Chairs, Folding Tables, Children Furniture, Honeycomb Hotel, Corridor Tent, Tent Flooring System, Cassette Flooring, Adjustable Plastic Pedestals, Steel Raised Floor Pedestals, Tent Partitions.Tent side wall, Peak pole tent, Circus tent, Transparent tent, Clear span tent since 1988. With both advanced technology and 26 years experience, Wen's Phoenix always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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