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Over 30 Years Outdoor Furniture | Cross Cable Tent Supplier | Wen's Phoenix

Based in Taiwan, WEN'S PHOENIX CORPORATION, since 1988, is a outdoor furniture and cross cable tent world-class supplier. Major product, including festival structure tents, food court porch tents, service counter cross tents and hard panel tents, folding chair, sofa, table and so forth.

Unique module technology cross cable tents manufacturing. Sturdiest, firmest and most tents buit with double layer PVC fabric and aluminum alloy. Folding chair passed 250lbs impact test, 500lbs static test as well as PP impact test. It was known as “Obama Chair” in the market. Wen's Phoenix has worked together with many famous retailers, such as WAL-MART, Costco, IKEA, TARGET, DEBNHAMS, WAKE FERM, PERGAMENT, SPIEGEL, MERVYNS, JCPENNY, KARE and Bed Bath & Beyond for several projects.

Main Wen's Phoenix has been offering customers sturdiest, firmest and most durable cross cable tent, chair, sofa and table, both with advanced technology and 26 years of experience, Wen's Phoenix ensures each customer's demands are met.


Our company was established in 1988. With 4 decades experience, Wen's Phoenix has been recognized as a leading manufacturer of high quality, durable folding chair, stackable event chairs and outdoor furniture.

We have worked together with many famous retailers, such as WAL-MART, Costco, IKEA, TARGET, DEBNHAMS, WAKE FERM, PERGAMENT, SPIEGEL, MERVYNS, JCPENNY, KARE and Bed Bath & Beyond for several projects.

2017Our largest structure tent was designated in Taiwan Lantern Festival in Yunlin as a command center, food court using our porch tent, service counter, cross tent and hard panel tent.
Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade designated the use of our flooring system, cross tent and porch tent.
2016Start Being ETROSTUDIO SHOP Slovenia Furniture LINA FURNITURE Dreams combined sofa Taiwan agent.
2015Put the effort on the two in one new product development plan.
Open a tent park as a product demo area.
Import a Germany double deck tent.
2014Adopted Germany 25Mx30M large structure tent.
2013Our new series of product, Glass Wall Tent, was presented on the new product launch party.
2012Integrated outdoor leisure industry and promoted outdoor products. Focused on comfortable, safety and ease of mind.
2011Cirque du Soleil visited us and our Cross Cable Tent was designated to their performance.
2010Our Cross Cable Tent was designated in Taipei Flora Expo.
2009Cooperated with B&Q and developed new outdoor furniture.
2008Our Cross Cable Tent and X-02 folding chair were exclusively designated by 2009 Deaflympics Taipei and World Games Kaohsiung.
2007Contracted with Costco as OEM and proceed a series of ODM productions.
2006Fixed and matured technology of Cross Cable Tent leaded us to the rental market.
2005Established Shapa Inc. and bring in soy wax.
2004A valued knowledge of Cross Cable Tent passed on by our overseas clients.
2002Set up R&D dept. to develop new product, mainly in 3D molding and molded figures.
2001Carried out a triangle trade sourced the OEM in China and exported finished goods.
2000Transformed to be an ODM and set up European office in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
1999Passed the factory inspection from large retailer and OEM a series of products.
1997Moved to Minxiong Township, Chiayi County.
1996Develop and research outdoor furniture for solid folding chair, table and we obtained orders from overseas.
1995Started to work with large retailer for contract manufacturing a series of outdoor furniture.
1994Started to produce X-02 folding chair and established sales and logistic offices in the United States.
1991Started to manufacture plastic gloves and Latex surgical gloves.
1990Started to cooperate with large retailers.
1989First contract manufacturing outdoor furniture.
1988Wen's Phoenix Corp was founded.