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How many sizes are available for Glass Wall tents?

Currently, the following Glass Wall tents are available: 2020HP, 2020PV, 2020P1, 2020V, 2040HP, 2040PV, 2040P1, 2040V, 3MHX-HP, 3MHX-P1, 2530HP, 2530P1.

How high is your tent?

Pole is alternative in length of 2.8M and 2.4M if required.

Is it possible for printing LOGO on the cover top?

Yes, we can make screen printing or label with cutting sheet stickers.

Do you have different color for the tents?

No, only white color is available currently. It’s more elegant and widely popular. If you need any other color, please provide certain order quantity. For more information, please contact our sales representative.

Is it convenient to set up a tent?

We use unique Keder system which means no more pins and holes. It’s easy and convenient to set up a tent. Our tents will help reduce set up time by up to 50%!

How many days for setting up the tents?

Before the installation, the builders need to know the details of the layout. Normally, the installation could be done within one day but it doesn't include measurement and transportation.

Should we knock down the tents during typhoon/hurricane/storm strikes?

All of our tents passed wind resistance up to 121 kgf/m2. We make sure our tent have the sturdiest structure. However, for safety reason, we suggest you keep your valuables away from tents during the typhoon/hurricane/storm days.

Could I change the Glass Wall I prefer?

Yes, you could adjust the quantity for the door or window or walls according to your preference.

Could I install lights for the tent?

Yes, but please note that the accessories are at an additional cost.

Should we get the land grading before the installation?

Yes. Before the builder get the details of layout, please make sure the surface of ground is flat. This is to avoid the tent leaning or unsteady.

Could I lock the door?

Yes, the door can be locked.

Could I move the tent?

No problem, it’s our special design, easy install easy move. You only need to pay the expenses for the transportation and installation.

It's so hot in the tents, how could I dissipate the heat?

You could open the window and door, install the air conditioner, and install automatic sprinkler system and curtain.

What if we have soil ground without concrete?

Currently, artificial grass, wooden decks, or portable decks are available as optional accessories.

How long is your lead time?

Normally, it takes 45~60 days to process an order.

Do you have after service?

Yes, you are welcome to contact us for any maintaining question.

How long is your warranty?

Basically we have 8 years warranty for the cover top. The Glass Wall and Keder pole can be use longer. If the cover top is brittle, you can change the cover top only.

Does the tent need to be knocked down when the typhoon/hurricane/storm hits?

After the evaluation from the structural technician, out tents resist the 13 on the Beaufort scale, equals to the highest level of moderate typhoon. Besides, we hook the guy ropes to the ring of each stake and fasten each of the guy ropes onto the stakes at each corner. We strongly suggest knock down the tent if the coming typhoon is up to 13 on the Beaufort scale.

Do insects go into the tent?

It's possible to enter the tent if the door or window is open, we have fly screen windows available as optional accessory.

Do the glasses break easily?

They are 6mm thick tempered glasses, so the strength is strong enough.

The air is salty at the beach. Does keder pole get rusty?

No, Aluminum Keder poles is anti-oxidant and corrosion proof.

How do you clean and maintain it?

You can clean PVC fiber by washing hose and maintain it by tent cleaner.

Can I set up the tent by myself?

We can send builders to install the tent for the first order. We guide you how to install the tent by yourselves through the whole process of installation.


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