Switch your stereotype of traditional tent to a brand new conception

Double Deck

Spring Wave Music and Art Festival

Diameter: 5M*10M
Total area:100㎡
Height: 9M
1. It can extend limitless in length and the space is changeable.
It is known as "the transformer of villa world."
2. It only needs short time to Install, and save labor and raw material costs.
3. The scrapped material is up to 60% of recycling, and our products present the concept of green design.
4. The Germany professional team designs originally the double floors with high space.
And people can enjoy the excellent view immediately.
5. All sides are tempered glass in 6mm and the structure of “Avant Garde System”.
To maintain the flatness of the apperance, and inside “HP” is plenty of light.
6. It owns excellent wind-resistant structure and safety indoor space.
Exhibition Area, VIP lounge, Command Center, Office, Racetrack Stand and so on.

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Wen's Phoenix Double Deck Introduction

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