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Accessories Only For The Cross Cable Tent

Accessories Only For The Cross Cable Tent

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Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Each tent goes with stainless steel wire rope in pairs to support the center pole. Gazebo goes with 3 wires.

Ratchet Ropes

Connecting cover top and keder pole to tighten the structure.

Expansion Screws

Anchor the base plate to the ground.

Steel Tent Stake

Secure the tent in place from swinging.

Tent Canopy Top

It provides against wind and rain resistence as well as UV block. The white top helps heat dissipation.

Tent Canopy Weight Bags

Hold the tent in place by tying to the keder pole. The increasing weight keeps the pole from swinging.

Aluminium Keder Rail

Support the tent without holes or pins. Frames are made out of aluminum alloy for maximum durability and a lighter weight. With world unique Keder pole, our tent will help reduce the set up time by 50%.

3-Way Corner Fitting

Make the rims sturdy and connect rim with pole. Each tent goes with 4 corner fittings.

Right angle bracket

Secure single tent by attaching supporters to the poles. Each tent goes with 4 pairs.

Center Pole

Support the Center point of the tent as well as fix the tent peak and shape as pyramid.

Tent Base Plate

Fix the position of stakes and ancor when anchoring to the ground.

Tent Ballast

Fixed the post of tent , directly on the post to increase the weight, so that the post will not shake.


Wen's Phoenix Tent Accessories Service Introduction

WEN'S PHOENIX CORPORATION is Taiwan Tent Accessories supplier and manufacturer with more than 26 years experence. Since 1988, in the Any Outdoor Shade Industry, Wen's Phoenix has been offering our customers high quality Tent Accessories production service. With both advanced technology and 26 years experience, Wen's Phoenix always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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