Switch your stereotype of traditional tent to a brand new conception

Glass Wall Tents

Different tents give you different feelings。
The material of tent roof adopts double-layer PVC mesh cloth which imported from French is anti-tearing。
Good performance of anti-ultraviolet rays, opaque to light, rainproof and flame retardant grade meet the standards of flame resistance in Europe and America。
Using high-frequency welding technology, tents have a wind resistance of 80-100 km/h。

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Wen's Phoenix Glass Wall Tents Service Introduction

WEN'S PHOENIX CORPORATION is Taiwan Glass Wall Tents supplier and manufacturer with more than 26 years experence. Since 1988, in the Any Outdoor Shade Industry, Wen's Phoenix has been offering our customers high quality Glass Wall Tents production service. With both advanced technology and 26 years experience, Wen's Phoenix always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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